The 5 minute makeover - NOTTEVERA


Everyone is pressed for time, we get it. We would all love an extra hour a day, but since that can only happen once a year, we have to think of the next best thing: a quick way to get ready and look great from the office to a night out with the girls.

The 5 minute makeover - NOTTEVERA

Start your ensemble with a cocktail dress crafted with a modest neckline. Think cowl or a not-too-scandalous V-neck rather than something strapless or one-shouldered. Now zip up an above-the-knee A-line skirt on top of that dress to turn it into a blouse for the work day. If your dress is printed, make sure it’s something that works with the temporary bottom. Add a leather bootie with personality, but without distracting details, something classy that will make you stand out from the crowd. Take along a posh tote to stow a petite makeup bag with essentials and an evening clutch.

As the day winds down, remove your skirt (remember, your dress is already on underneath), swap stud earrings for dramatic danglers and a crystal necklace, and allow for a quick touch-up – blush and lipstick. You can add some eyeliner to the mix or if you prefer, a bolder lip color. Stuff your tote under your desk and put your keys, cell and any absolutely necessary makeup items in your clutch.

You're ready. Enjoy your night, you look marvelous.

Leather Snakeskin Heels From Italy


It’s time to change your spirit animal to a certain reptile; get bitten and you’re never turning back!

Real python offers texture and print along with authenticity to spice up any outfit.  Sure, animal prints have been popular for years, but while leopard spots and zebra stripes often look loud, snake prints are a luxe way to launch a natural exoticism onto any piece. All it takes is a small dose, such as a python-wrapped clutch or belt and you’re sporting enough of that cool scaly texture to redefine your look.

Snake makes a powerful statement and is a high-end material. You are more likely to find it on accessories - very few style connoisseurs can pull off a scaled A-line dress but it happens. If you want to incorporate rain forest haute snakeskin into your wardrobe, look to NOTTEVERA for guidance. Add a jolt with one of our colored python belts or try black snakeskin turned up with an embellished belt buckle. Model it on a mixed media purse or show it off on the heel counter of block heel boots. Sssso chic!


Over generations, handbags have evolved into becoming a critical asset that can make or break your style. A simple formula for managing a long-term relationship with your artisan-made or designer handbag involves love, care and, most importantly, maintenance. Getting rid of smudges and stains that invariably develop on bags during the course of wear will keep your bag in a seemingly brand new condition for years to follow. The NOTTEVERA team has a few simple tricks and remedies to get rid of these unwanted, common stains.  

  • Pen marks are every bag owner’s worst nightmare! They are the most easily formed, yet hardest to get rid of. Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and gently rub the stain clean. Once clean, use your blow dryer to dry the affected area. 

  • Deep stains, such as red wine or coffee, are unpleasant and unwanted on a bag, for sure! Simply mix one teaspoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of Cream of Tartar to form a paste that is sure to wipe away the stain.  

  • Grease spots - also known as Bag Cancer- are unappreciated! Take immediate action by dusting talcum powder on the stained area, then leaving it to absorb overnight. The next day, gently brush off the powder and dampen a clean cloth with distilled water to lightly clean the stain. By using distilled water, you avoid any discoloration formed by minerals, and prevent residue deposits on your precious bag.

And there you have it. Now your bags will always look like new!