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Italian craftsmen abide by some of the most stringent labor and environmental regulations in the world. Atelier laborers have health insurance, paid vacations and must undergo yearly physical exams to determine their ability to perform their jobs. 

 "The Made in Italy label is synonymous with tradition, know-how and very high standards. Many family-owned ateliers have been around for decades, and it is not uncommon for craftsmen to spend their entire careers working for the same atelier, passing down their knowledge from generation to generation" explains Marco Serrano, a third-generation family business owner who has been making handbags for top Italian luxury brands for over half a century.

But Italian craftsmanship comes at a price. While most handbags made in Asia can cost less than $20 each to manufacture, traditionally-crafted Italian leather handbags like NOTTEVERA cost much more to make. That's because many Asian manufacturers operate more like sweatshops with poor working conditions and virtually indentured laborers -- two factors giving them a steep price advantage over Italian ateliers.

 "Made in Italy also means made the Italian way. A customer acquiring a made in Italy handbag can expect not only the best materials and workmanship, but also a respected legal process" said Mr. Serrano.

 And so, there you have it. While our handbags may cost more to make than others, we believe this is the only way for us to ethically guarantee the well-being of our artisans and the integrity of our brand. Our bags are not only made in Italy, they are made the Italian way.