New year new you


If you love basics, hooray; you have a sensible wardrobe. But white button-downs, skinny or boot-cut dark denim and solid black satchels can all get a little blah when you don’t fill up the part of the closet that’s meant to spice looks up. The good news? Your closet is the perfect candidate for pieces that can easily become special with some NOTTEVERA accents sprinkled into every look.

A genuine snakeskin belt adds the unexpected in a good way. Posh texture lends a luxe vibe but the design is enhanced further by a covered or rhinestone-embellished belt buckle. With just this one item, a pair of jeans gains a new and improved identity. If you don’t wear belts too often you can spruce up with a lady’s favorite: shoes. Pin-thin heeled platform boots done tastefully are sure to get noticed and admired. If you’re willing to take on a rewarding dare then try out the lace-up Grinta in delicious suede with futuristic metallic accents. And finally, if you want to incorporate an extra that you can get daily use out of, purchase a one-of-a-kind purse. Between sculptural snakeskin bags with beaded handles, a moss-colored backpack with croco detail and a woven tote with a dragonfly fob, exciting handbag choices await you at

It's a new year. What are you waiting for?


Leather Snakeskin Heels From Italy


It’s time to change your spirit animal to a certain reptile; get bitten and you’re never turning back!

Real python offers texture and print along with authenticity to spice up any outfit.  Sure, animal prints have been popular for years, but while leopard spots and zebra stripes often look loud, snake prints are a luxe way to launch a natural exoticism onto any piece. All it takes is a small dose, such as a python-wrapped clutch or belt and you’re sporting enough of that cool scaly texture to redefine your look.

Snake makes a powerful statement and is a high-end material. You are more likely to find it on accessories - very few style connoisseurs can pull off a scaled A-line dress but it happens. If you want to incorporate rain forest haute snakeskin into your wardrobe, look to NOTTEVERA for guidance. Add a jolt with one of our colored python belts or try black snakeskin turned up with an embellished belt buckle. Model it on a mixed media purse or show it off on the heel counter of block heel boots. Sssso chic!