New year new you


If you love basics, hooray; you have a sensible wardrobe. But white button-downs, skinny or boot-cut dark denim and solid black satchels can all get a little blah when you don’t fill up the part of the closet that’s meant to spice looks up. The good news? Your closet is the perfect candidate for pieces that can easily become special with some NOTTEVERA accents sprinkled into every look.

A genuine snakeskin belt adds the unexpected in a good way. Posh texture lends a luxe vibe but the design is enhanced further by a covered or rhinestone-embellished belt buckle. With just this one item, a pair of jeans gains a new and improved identity. If you don’t wear belts too often you can spruce up with a lady’s favorite: shoes. Pin-thin heeled platform boots done tastefully are sure to get noticed and admired. If you’re willing to take on a rewarding dare then try out the lace-up Grinta in delicious suede with futuristic metallic accents. And finally, if you want to incorporate an extra that you can get daily use out of, purchase a one-of-a-kind purse. Between sculptural snakeskin bags with beaded handles, a moss-colored backpack with croco detail and a woven tote with a dragonfly fob, exciting handbag choices await you at

It's a new year. What are you waiting for?


Luxury Leather Italian Handbags US


Sure, we obsess over them, but the truth is—just like shoes—we actually need a handbag (or ten). Where else would we put our wallets, cell phone, keys, lipstick, notepad, mints, tissues, etc.? One of the most rewarding aspects of buying a luxury handbag is that, regardless of which structure you choose, it will always be in vogue. 

Fashion shows may determine current trends, but the truth is that each style serves a different purpose and personality. After all, the more (handbags) the merrier!

Here's a brief introduction to different bag styles and how to wear them.

Bucket Bag- This sack-style purse usually closes with a drawstring or a snap. With its rounded bottom and less structured appearance it tends to work best in relaxed outfits. Try it out with a leather jacket and ripped jeans.

Clutch- A clutch is a small purse that is made with a wrist strap or otherwise without any handle. It gets its name because you literally “clutch” it in your grip. We recently saw a surge in this style for daytime, but it’s not as practical when you need two free hands. The style scores major points at nighttime with a cute ensemble, such as a jumpsuit and cage heels.

Crossbody- Forget the heinous fanny pack. Navigate a theme park or manage a shopping spree with this hands-free style. A long strap, traditionally adjustable with a belt buckle, lays flat between your chest with the mid-size to small purse safely at your side. The crossbody is great for weekends or even parties when checking your bag isn’t an option. 

Satchel- This prim purse is often structured but ranges from rigid to soft and flexible. A satchel always has top handles but often has a shoulder strap as well. It’s one of the most versatile styles because it can go to breakfast with the ladies, the office, a dinner date, shopping trip, and anywhere in between.

Shoulder Bag- Dainty and feminine, this elegant style features a thin strap and comes in a more compact size.  A shoulder bag is a lovely alternative to a clutch for an evening out.

Tote- A tote is traditionally rectangular with a distinct form and top carrying handles. You’re familiar with it because the casual canvas version is what you take to the farmers’ market. Upgrade the style in your mind by taking a peek at the bevy of beauties on our site. Our snazzy options feature leather and/or snakeskin. Traditionally made with a wide width, it’s perfect for holding a portfolio or taking with on your daily commute.

 And there you have it. Which one is your favorite?