Your World, Our Brand: Our Commitment To Creating A More Sustainable World.  


At NOTTEVERA, we don't do fast fashion. Our design ethos has always put enduring style and quality first because we believe that integrity matters. From using more sustainably sourced materials in our collections to circular initiatives like re-purposing hides and using earth-friendly shipping materials, we are making huge progress toward contributing to a better world for all.

Explore our vision and our initiatives:    



  • 100% recycled or reusable packaging by 2035.
  • 100% eco-friendly materials in our apparel lines by 2035.
  • Reuse, repair or recycle 100% of our products and materials by 2035. 


How we plan to create a more sustainable world: 

Customers: We produce with planet earth in mind.  As more sustainable fabrics and processing technologies emerge, we evaluate them for potential use in our collections. We are very selective about our eco-fashion initiatives, and we make sure that these new fibers and fabrics meet or exceed our customers' expectations for fit and style. We are increasingly using natural and organic fibers (cotton, hemp, linen), low environmental impact fibers, recycled yarns (polyester, cotton, wool), and re-purposed leather in our apparel and accessories lines. What is good for planet earth is good for our customers. We all want a better world.   

Suppliers: We insist that every person we work with be treated with respect, fairness and equality. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. Our 'Made in Italy' label is synonymous with tradition, know-how and very high standards. These standards apply first and foremost to us. Check out our process here.

Collections: From the quality materials we use to the ways we package our products, we think beyond our collections to create a socially responsible and enduring product that will stand the test of time. Our new initiative, NOTTEVERA CIRCOLARE, is reviewing ways to extend the life of our products after they’ve left us. Buying less and better, and applying proper care for your NOTTEVERA products, contributes to save on resources.

Community: We drive positive change by investing our time and resources to make a measurable impact in the communities we touch through advocacy, collaborations, and inclusion & diversity initiatives. 

Culture: We actively participate in our communities by supporting initiatives aimed at protecting and developing our cultural, artistic, and environmental heritage.

Planet: We must all think about our long-term impact on the planet. This means reducing our emissions and using fewer resources in everything we do. Less is more.

More to come: There is so much more to come. Our plan is evolving continuously. We want to hear from you. Share your ideas, we will review them and we may incorporate them in our sustainability initiatives. Let's do this together!