Model Bag Anna Leather Tote | NOTTEVERA


Professional models have busy schedules and are constantly on the go. Whether it’s a booking, an audition or just a meet-up with friends after a long shoot, a good model is always prepared.

If you’re just starting in the industry, here’s 10 absolute essentials you’ll want to have with you at all times:


1. The Bag:

It goes without saying that you’ll need a bag that is polished yet deceptively large to fit all your personal and work-related essentials. The NOTTEVERA Anna Leather Tote is on-trend and at the same time it’s big enough to fit everything you need to carry. Crafted in Italy with the finest snake-printed calf leather, it sports a shimmery strip of laminated sheepskin, making it ideal for day or night use. Two hidden side zippers, a large interior pocket and an interior zipper make for easy storage of your smartphone and make-up accessories. The five metal feet give this structured bag the support to stand up, not only to put the beauty on display but to keep it from touching the ground. This is your new go-to bag, take it straight from work to happy hour.


2. Your Modeling Portfolio (book):

A model should always carry her portfolio (book) with her, even when going to a shoot you are already booked for. Your portfolio should only contain your photos and comp cards, along with your contact information on the back of each photo.

3. Makeup Kit:

A basic makeup kit (compact mirror, lip gloss, blush, concealer, eye shadow and mascara) is a must. Add-ons include tissues (or wet wipes) and some hair care accessories (brush, clips, etc.).

4. Basic Oral Hygiene Kit:

Hummus may have seemed like a really good idea at lunchtime, but if you’d rather not breathe it all over your agent, then bring along a toothbrush, toothpaste and breath mints. But no gum, please. Chewing gum on the job or during a casting is tacky, so don't do it.

5. Healthy Snacks & Bottled Water:

Your job will almost always go on much longer than planned. No one wants to work with a grumpy model, so be sure to bring along bottled water to stay hydrated and some healthy snacks. Fresh cut fruit, plain yogurt, nuts or a cereal bar can be perfect to get you to your next meal. And remember, a professional model does not eat while wearing the client's clothes!

Model Bag Anna Leather Tote | NOTTEVERA

6. Clear Varnish or Spare Hosiery:

Ladders are not a good look. If you are wearing hosiery, you can catch early ladders with a dot of clear nail varnish. For total piece of mind, include spare hosiery.

7. Extra Pads or Tampons:

You never know when it starts or when someone else needs one.

8. Flat Shoes or Sneakers:

If you plan on wearing heels, bring a spare pair of sneakers or flats.  

9. Cell Phone, Charger & Headphones:

We know you'll remember your cell phone, but don't forget your charger and your headphones. Your phone can keep you occupied during down times when you’ll have to wait for photographers to set up lighting or makeup artists to finish with other models. Put your cell phone on silent or turn it off while you are working.

10. Vouchers:

If you are going on an actual booking with a client, you must take your vouchers with you for the client to sign. Without a signed voucher to record the time you worked you may not get paid. Your modeling agency will make sure you have vouchers or some other way to record your jobs.