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In our second customer profile, we meet Swedish DJ and music producer Malin Linnea Cronholm in London where she has been living and working since 2010. Malin actively spins in some of the city's hottest venues and often travels internationally to work art and fashion events for some of the world's best known brands. Her clients include Bulgari, Christian Dior, W Hotels, Elle, Details, InStyle and many more. She is managed by London's legendary Ministry of Sound.

We caught up with Malin at Kaffeine and asked her a few questions about music, what it takes to be a great DJ, her future plans, and - of course - her fashion style.

Malin Linnea | NOTTEVERA

- Tell us about yourself.
I am a London-based Swedish DJ. My background is in finance, but I made a quite unusual career switch a few years ago and have been DJ-ing globally ever since.
- Where did your love from music come from? 
I was always into music and I recall being obsessed with Michael Jackson when I was 6 years old. I saw him in concert in 1992 which was really cool. At the time, my mom said I was the youngest person in the crowd!
- How and when did you first start DJ-ing, and at what point you realized that you wanted to do this for a living? 
Back in 2008 I took a DJ course in Stockholm to learn it for fun, and I loved it so much that I quit my full-time finance job in 2013 to focus on DJ-ing. 
- What is your most memorable moment as a DJ? 

I get new ones all the time, but DJ-ing on a super yacht under the stars in Croatia in the middle of sea is definitely one of them.

Malin Linnea | NOTTEVERA

- How has working late at night affected your personal life? 

Working late nights definitely has its drawbacks when it comes to personal life. Back home in London, I do lots of PR and fashion gigs that tend to be earlier hours thankfully. Often when you travel for DJ-ing, you are put on flights that might be a few hours after you finish your set, which can be exhausting.

- What are the essentials for being a great DJ? 

Reading the crowd is the most obvious one. The second one is probably always hunting for music which takes A LOT of time.

- Is there a gap in musical tastes between the US and Europe? 

Generally speaking, the US used to be much more Hip Hop and R&B focused but I think that's gradually changing now.

Malin Linnea | NOTTEVERA
-Are you producing? 
Yes! I studied music production in London and as soon as my travel schedule quiets down a bit I hope to be able to find the time to go back to the studio.
- Have you had any interesting experiences or stories with fans while Dj-ing? 
Sometimes people come up to me to request a song, and it’s the same track that is playing. That always fascinates me!
- How would you define your fashion style? 

Very eclectic. For DJ-ing big events or dressing up, I love a bit of 70’s glam with statement jewelry. I also tend to wear anything low back cut.

- What are you wearing today? 

A white Tahari cotton dress, Diesel sneakers and my NOTTEVERA Effie snakeskin bucket bag.

- What is your favorite pastime when you're not Dj-ing? 
DJ-ing is very intense work, so I prefer to take it easy when I’m not working. I love doing yoga and meditation to balance my crazy lifestyle. That and spending quality time with friends and family.
- Thank you Malin!
- You're welcome!
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Tell us more about yourself.
I grew up in Italy and completed my MBA in the US. After graduating, I was offered a job with a leading European bank in New York and was assigned to manage customers in the Lifestyle, Beauty & Fashion industries. It was a task I really enjoyed due to all the interesting people I was meeting and the lifestyle that came with dealing with those sectors of the economy. But as years went by, my passion started to wane and I was in need of new inspiration. It wasn’t long before I started toying with the idea of launching my own label. I envisioned a high-end lifestyle brand that inspired women, allowing them to always feel elegant and confident. I found my new calling and quit my job to launch NOTTEVERA in New York, but with design and manufacturing facilities in Northern Italy to guarantee the highest level of creativity and craftsmanship.
Did you always know what you wanted to do?
No, I had no clue. But I feel fortunate that things turned out this way.
How did you come up with the name NOTTEVERA?
NOTTEVERA is a play on two Italian words meaning ‘true night’. The reason I chose NOTTEVERA was the clarity with which it conveyed my vision of what I wanted my brand to represent, namely the glamour and elegance of an Italian night.
What is your typical day like?
As Founder & CEO of NOTTEVERA, I am responsible for setting the strategic course for the company. To do that, I wear many hats and must balance many priorities. There’s never really a ‘typical’ day, it all depends on what needs to be accomplished. I usually get up around 5:30AM, catch up on the day’s news and go through my emails while sipping coffee, I then hit the gym for about an hour, shower and get into the office by 8:00AM. From there, it could be anything: conference calls with my design team or manufacturers in Italy, staff meetings, calling on customers, dealing with banks, and so forth. The only way to do that successfully is to be focused and disciplined.
Perks of your job?
To me, the best perk of running my own company is that I get to build it in my own image, and in doing so I get to learn about myself in ways I could never have imagined had I not been pursuing something on my own.
What should we know about NOTTEVERA 
NOTTEVERA is a young and dynamic company managed by people who are passionate about providing our customers with the finest products and service. Our strength lies in creative product design, the use of innovative materials, careful attention to detail, rigorous quality control and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. 
What kind of woman does NOTTEVERA design for?
The ideal NOTTEVERA woman is a sophisticated trendsetter who is highly engaged, loves fashion and expects the very best quality and service. Elegant, charismatic and unapologetically feminine, she knows the difference between style and current trends and is not afraid to define herself with original ideas.
Describe your materials.
Leather is the cornerstone of our business, it is a living, natural material. We select our hides based on three key qualities: texture, color and richness, and we work only with trusted tanneries that we have known for quite a long time. We have an intimate knowledge of what it takes to bring out the unique natural beauty of every hide and we use our vast experience to guarantee a very high quality of finish and materials.

Why do you manufacture in Italy as opposed to somewhere like China?
The Made in Italy label is synonymous with tradition, know-how and very high standards. By working exclusively with family-owned ateliers that we know well and that have been around for decades, we are able to guarantee an unparalleled level of quality and workmanship for our products, something we would otherwise be unable to do by working with Chinese factories. It's the only way for us to guarantee the integrity of our brand. A NOTTEVERA handbag is not merely a beautiful product; it's the search for a personal and unmistakable taste that combines our love for leather with a passion for design and creating something truly unique for our customers.
What inspires you?
People willing to risk it all to make a positive difference in other people's lives.
Three words that best describe you.
Never look back.
What do you like most about New York?
Its diversity. New York is truly a melting pot, anyone can come here and feel right at home.
What do you do in your free time?
Reconnect with friends and family.